Comparison between Clinton and Obama

Unsere Auslandskorrespondentin hat mit Hilfe einer Umfrage eine kleine Übersicht erstellt, was die amerikanischen Studenten an den demokratischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten gut beziehungsweise schlecht finden.

Students are for Clinton because Students are for Obama because
– She is a woman
– Her goal is to have free health care for everyone
– Her pro choice opinion on abortion
– She’s slamming!
– She is the wife smart Bill Clinton
– She has a lot of experience
– Best policies: good foreign policy plans
– She talks about important issues
– She is sincere, reliable and just and the economy
– Refreshing, new experience
– Has high aims and strong economic policies
– Hillary does not only talk about some change, but about specifics and acts logically
– She does not use emotions to convince
– She is intelligent and strong
– He has strong charisma, passionate
– He has a huge band of supporters
– Is motivated, inspiring, new outlook
– Smart, will stick to his goals
– Can charm the nation in a “Kennedy like way”
– Has a youth driven movement behind and with him
– He is the alternative, which is not too alternative
– Can turn the country around with his view, on the war and the economy
– A male must win because America is not ready for a female President
– Serves for change
– He represents the minority (comes from one, Hawai, his dad left family)
– Good diplomat
– His success of a grass root campaign and his high donation rates
– Most honest candidate

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