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Comparison between Clinton and Obama

Unsere Auslandskorrespondentin hat mit Hilfe einer Umfrage eine kleine Übersicht erstellt, was die amerikanischen Studenten an den demokratischen PrĂ€sidentschaftskandidaten gut beziehungsweise schlecht finden.

Students are for Clinton because Students are for Obama because
– She is a woman
– Her goal is to have free health care for everyone
– Her pro choice opinion on abortion
– She’s slamming!
– She is the wife smart Bill Clinton
– She has a lot of experience
– Best policies: good foreign policy plans
– She talks about important issues
– She is sincere, reliable and just and the economy
– Refreshing, new experience
– Has high aims and strong economic policies
– Hillary does not only talk about some change, but about specifics and acts logically
– She does not use emotions to convince
– She is intelligent and strong
– He has strong charisma, passionate
– He has a huge band of supporters
– Is motivated, inspiring, new outlook
– Smart, will stick to his goals
– Can charm the nation in a „Kennedy like way“
– Has a youth driven movement behind and with him
– He is the alternative, which is not too alternative
– Can turn the country around with his view, on the war and the economy
– A male must win because America is not ready for a female President
– Serves for change
– He represents the minority (comes from one, Hawai, his dad left family)
– Good diplomat
– His success of a grass root campaign and his high donation rates
– Most honest candidate

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