Great minds can change the world

There are many people with a vision in our world out there. However most of those visionaries are stuck in their dreams and do nothing to fulfil them. 33-year-old Bremley Lyngdoh is also a visionary but instead of hoping for a change he acts. It’s nearly a year ago that he founded a company named “Worldview Impact” which stands for what Lyngdoh dreams of: to create a sustainable business for a sustainable future.



When Bremley Lyngdoh was a child of only ten years he first got involved into a social project. He collected food and old clothes for the elderly and raised money. Therefore he was bestowed with the ‘Help Age India Award’ which is a prestigious award. It’s given by India ‘s foremost NGO (non governmental organisation) of old age care. “I was so inspired for the recognition that I received and that was the time when I developed a strong passion and commitment for social work,” says Indian businessman today.

Within a year his company has established in the market. So, how is it possible that a company like “Worldview Impact” survives and develops in our commercial orientated world and what exactly is veiled by the goal to build up a sustainable business for a sustainable future? Lyngdoh’s recipe of success is a three-fold mission which consists of protecting the environment and biodiversity through the mitigation of climate change as well as enabling local economic growth through the creation of sustainable livelihoods for the poor and finally, supporting social development through poverty reduction initiatives. Generous goals are a very complex endeavour. However, according to the adoptive Londoner, “it is the only way we can survive in the future.”

Sri Lanka, the first out of seven pilot countries of his project, where rubber trees are planted in such a high number that they will equalise the yearly carbon emission of 200,000 Europeans. Why rubber trees? Rubber trees are in particular environments the most effective plants to mitigate green house gases. “Worldview Impact” is not only set off the carbon emission it also follows a non-carbon policy in the management of its plantations. Thus it’s using renewable energy system which comprises generation forms like wind and solar.

Currently the social enterprise depends on the financial support of social investors, who wanna make a change, because plantations with rubber trees takes seven years before they even break. There are still six more years ahead where the company needs financial aid.

To pessimists Bremley Lyngdoh’s visions might look a bit naïve but he has a strong belief in the potential of our world: “If a few great minds with a noble vision come together, then they can really make a difference and create positive changes at the grassroots that will make a deep impact at the local level. “ He also says that he agrees with Eleanor Roosevelt that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Although you have to work really hard for the fulfilment of your dreams. The years of social involvement leave their marks and one by one the work became Bremley Lyngdoh’s life. “I love what I do that is what keeps me going full speed ahead fully charged.”

His enormous drive permits him to be confident about the future: “In 10 year that is 2018, I will have projects running across Africa, Asia and South America touching the lives of millions of poor people. About 2, 500 jobs will be created that will provide sustainable livelihoods to about 10,000 people in Sri Lanka alone within 5 years. Furthermore, my aim is to establish value added benefits to the raw material from rubber tapping – such as production of medical gloves and other dipped products. This will further increase the economic benefits of the project for the local population as well as the investors. I plan to establish a cost effective example for large scale replication of sustainable development aiming at 50 similar projects within the next 5-10 years. In total this will mean 125,000 jobs and sustainable livelihoods for 650,000 people and mitigating 60 million tons of green house gasses.”

If Lyngdoh is right and a few great minds are able to make a change, we should hope that there are more people like him in our world.
Visionaries who have the courage and perseverance to implement what they believe in.

(Text: Kristin Heck / Picture: Bremley Lyngdoh)

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