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London Baby – Modern Day Metropolis meets Old Day Glory

Exploring the city on foot

As far as European Cities are concerned, London is probably the one that features in the most stories, movies, news or TV shows these days. Whether it is the classical novels, like Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or Sherlock Holmes, films like Notting Hill, the newest Star Trek movie, or even Thor – the English capital is getting lots of attention. And with good reason! ...


Singapore – Colonial charm with a bit of Asian mystery

Traveling to Asia can be tricky - my city tour

Most countries have rather different social and political systems than Europe, the food is different, and not everybody speaks English. It’s certainly easier to travel to America or Australia, especially if you’re all by yourself, but there is one city that could be described as the perfect first stop in Asia: Singapore. ...


New York, New York!

A trip through Time Square, Central Park and Rockefeller Center

Yep, Sinatra said it, and thousands of TV shows, Hollywood movies and commercials confirmed it. New York is THE place to be if you want to be hip and young and creative and successful - and if you don’t require much sleep. The city is fast-paced and always on the move, unless you’re strolling through Central Park that is. Life is pretty peaceful there. ...


Obsessed with the Victorian Obsession

PĂ©rez SimĂłn has loaned his art collection for an exhibition at Leighton House.

As a result we have an amazing collision of Victorian art with the interior of the former home of Lord Leighton. You will experience the largest collection of Victorian art outside the UK, including 50 paintings by well-known Victorian artists. ...


Riga – what a gem!

A trip through the Baltic State

Right at the edge of the Baltic Sea in the middle of the Baltic States lies Latvia, and on its shore its beautiful capital Riga. It was a spur of the moment idea when I decided to take WhizzAir up on their incredible offers and fly to the former Soviet Union and I didn’t regret it one moment. Riga is a wonderful mix of former-Easter-Block charm and western openness and commerce (oh the shopping!) and you ca ...


Why I love Hamburg

A trip through the "Hansestadt"

Before I begin my advertisement of Germany’s second largest city, let me just briefly state my own opinion: Hamburg is the most beautiful city in the world. ...


“The European Union is a bad thing for Britain”

A British view

With the European Parliament elections fast approaching, British citizens are facing an important choice: Their vote will have a significant impact on UK policies towards Europe. UKIP, Britain’s most stridently eurosceptic political party, characterised by its right-wing populism, is expected by many observers to perform extremely well. But how do the British really feel about the European Union? ...


It’s the End of the year, bring out your party gear!

Why we are so fascinated with the End

The year is winding down, New Year’s is just around the corner, and the TV is full of melancholic shows about 2013. But why are we so excited about the end of the year? What is it that makes us celebrate each new beginning and why is New Year’s Eve so special? Maybe the answer goes further back than we think. ...


Film as Art

The American filmmaker Bill Morrison and new creations of decay

When we watch a film, we usually expect certain qualities: a narrative structure or story, actors or animated characters. But film is also an art form, a medium that can be manipulated. For Bill Morrison, celluloid film rolls are a substitute for canvases, the natural decay of these organic materials are his color palette and offer him new ways of creation where other people might simply throw the leftovers ...


How Power and Wealth influence the media

An essay on Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky's A propaganda Model

Although A Propaganda Model was already published in 1988, it already discussed vital specifications of the American Media System. It focusses on the "inequality of wealth and power and it‘s multilevel Effects on mass-media interests and choices". They show that „money and power are able to filter out the news fit to print". Therefore, the mass media don‘t or can‘t choose and interpret the news objectively; ...


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