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Ein Leben mit einer fremden Leber

19:25 min über vier Kilometer - eine gute Leistung. Walter Wagels strahlt, er ist zufrieden. Heute ist er wieder so schnell wie früher, ja, eventuell sogar schneller. Früher, das war vor seiner Lebertransplantation. Der Diplom-Ingenieur der Nachrichtentechnik geht im Jahr 1994 zu einer Routineuntersuchung: Die Leberwerte sind schlecht, soviel erfährt er. Und, dass es kein vorübergehender Zustand ist - auch ...


ETDG 2008 Competitor Story: Tomas Drevikovsky

How does someone look like who is transplanted five times? My suggestion was a suffering person who has resigned and struggles with fate. At the first moment it appears to be like that. Tomas Drevikovsky, Czech, 58 years old is of a middle stature, has less hair on his head and deep wrinkles are signing his face. You can see that he had experienced a lot of pain and hard times. His gaze reaches from melanch ...


EDTG 2008 Competitor Story: Jens Rikus

Every single muscle of his body is tensed. He winds up and hits a hard ball into the courtside of his opponent. The ball returns short. He jumps forward and barely lobs the shuttlecock over the net. The opponent isn’t fast enough and misses it. Badminton is a fast and dynamic. It has nothing in common with a recreational game between friends. For this sport you need power and endurance, a fast reaction and ...


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