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Mumbai under Seige – Inside Story

Our foreign correspondent refers from Mumbai

History really repeats. At least for India. Every time, the two countries—India and Pakistan—come closer to each other, buses start crossing the border passing the Wagah border of Amritsar district of Punjab—something untoward takes place that rattles the polity of two neighbouring states, divided on the basis of religion. This happened, when Pakistani troop attacked Karghil in early new millennium - on Nov ...


ETDG 2008 Competitor Story: Tomas Drevikovsky

How does someone look like who is transplanted five times? My suggestion was a suffering person who has resigned and struggles with fate. At the first moment it appears to be like that. Tomas Drevikovsky, Czech, 58 years old is of a middle stature, has less hair on his head and deep wrinkles are signing his face. You can see that he had experienced a lot of pain and hard times. His gaze reaches from melanch ...


Is Gaza under occupation or not?

Free Gaza boats about to find out more

For more than two years, all border crossings to the Gaza Strip have been closed by the Israeli army. Since then, the 1.5 million inhabitants live in a state of siege, even more so since June, when the siege was tightened. As reasons for the siege Israel refers to Qassam rocket fire from the area and the alleged intention of the Hamas government to destroy Israel. At the same time, Israeli government offici ...


Great minds can change the world

There are many people with a vision in our world out there. However most of those visionaries are stuck in their dreams and do nothing to fulfil them. 33-year-old Bremley Lyngdoh is also a visionary but instead of hoping for a change he acts. It’s nearly a year ago that he founded a company named “Worldview Impact” which stands for what Lyngdoh dreams of: to create a sustainable business for a sustainable f ...


EDTG 2008 Competitor Story: Jens Rikus

Every single muscle of his body is tensed. He winds up and hits a hard ball into the courtside of his opponent. The ball returns short. He jumps forward and barely lobs the shuttlecock over the net. The opponent isn’t fast enough and misses it. Badminton is a fast and dynamic. It has nothing in common with a recreational game between friends. For this sport you need power and endurance, a fast reaction and ...


I’m not Barack Obama, but I will endorse him

We, Palestinians, are aspiring to any glimpse of hope to establishing our promising country of Palestine. Originally, that glimpse of hope grew when Israelis realized in the nineties that a real peace will not be achieved apart from an Independent Palestinian state. That time, the world agreed on that concept and peace deal (Oslo) was held in Washington D.C, after the first Bush had left office. Regardless ...


Elephant or Donkeys?

Unsere Auslandskorrespondentin sucht nach dem Präsidentschaftskandidat, der bei den Studenten in Amerika bevorzugt wird

Following the US Presidential elections these days, is pretty interesting. For the first time in American History, an African American and a Female Senator are running for Presidency. People say that the outlooks could not be better. Astonishingly, the big battle right now is being fought between two Democrats! It seems like the Republicans are pretty much pushed back, - but you never know. I was interested ...


Ebola, the fear and tensions that came with It

Ebola is a river in the DR Congo. However this is a name that is being shared by a deadly viral disease. The Ebola virus once acquired chances for you to survive are minimal. The natural reservoir of the Ebola is believed to be with in the rain forest of Africa and Asia but has not yet been identified. As of now there is no specific treatment or vaccine for the haemorrhagic fever. Severe cases require inten ...


The Pearl in Africa

Live from Uganda by our correspondent Kigozi Michael

A snippet into the pearl, Uganda is a land locked country found in East Africa, bordered by Sudan in the North, troubled Kenya in the East, DRC Congo in the West, the icon of democracy in the region Tanzania in the south and Rwanda in the south-west. It's only after you travel to Uganda that you discover the distinctive features Winston Churchill referred to as the pearl of Africa. Like many Ugandans it too ...


Utter madness in Kenya

Unser Auslandskorrespondent aus Uganda berichtet

The rest of the world welcomed the new year in a joyous mood whereas the East African country of Kenya had its own share of the new Year which was marred with deaths, buildings  and churches being set a blaze. Machete bewildering youth braving themselves to fight armed police men. The explosion of violence in one of Africa's most stable democracies and strongest economies is shocking to the world and left K ...


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