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Ebola, the fear and tensions that came with It

Ebola is a river in the DR Congo. However this is a name that is being shared by a deadly viral disease. The Ebola virus once acquired chances for you to survive are minimal. The natural reservoir of the Ebola is believed to be with in the rain forest of Africa and Asia but has not yet been identified. As of now there is no specific treatment or vaccine for the haemorrhagic fever. Severe cases require inten ...


The Pearl in Africa

Live from Uganda by our correspondent Kigozi Michael

A snippet into the pearl, Uganda is a land locked country found in East Africa, bordered by Sudan in the North, troubled Kenya in the East, DRC Congo in the West, the icon of democracy in the region Tanzania in the south and Rwanda in the south-west. It's only after you travel to Uganda that you discover the distinctive features Winston Churchill referred to as the pearl of Africa. Like many Ugandans it too ...


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